How Much Do Google Ads Cost? Google PPC Ads Marketing

Google Adwords

Google is by far the most famous and well-known advertising company in the world. Everyone in this world know the power of advertising whether its traditional advertising or online advertising.

it’s important to note that when people search on Google, you see some ads on the top, we probably thinking about “how much these ads cost?” how google ads target the exact searcher query? We will be sharing with our Google PPC Marketing Guide.

Google PPC Marketing Guide

  • What is Google AdWords?
  • How Much Google Ads Cost?
  • What is Cost Per Click?
  • How Google Ads pricing work and what is the MAX and MIN Budget?
  • Is Google Ads Works for My Business?
  • How Much Other Businesses are investing on Google Ads?

1: What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a cost-effective advertising platform. AdWords is mainly about online advertising, it’s the main system for advertising on Google. AdWords ads are shown their search engine, partner websites and apps. They show your advertising to that people which are searching for on Google about any service, product or video listings etc. and then they direct them to your website landing page.

2: How Much Google Ads Cost?

Google is, as I said, the biggest advertising company in the world and we usually say that, advertisers spend billions of dollars on advertising Google. How much they cost? How to advertise on Google?

You know, Google has no clear pricing for ads. And when you Google it, they’re actually showing their prices, but when you put in the exact search query in google keyword planner, Google is showing you the exact pricing, how much it will cost this particular keyword to show on google, when customer or people search for it.

Advertising costs vary, but the “average” Google ad costs per ad.

The Average Cost of a Google Ad?

Average cost of one Google Ad in the US varies from a low of $1.00 to a high of $9.99. But this average cost can be much less, depending on the keywords that are targeted with that ad.

Note: Cost is in US dollars. The cost in local currency depends on your country.

3: How Is Google Ads Costed or What is Cost per Click?

We say: Cost per click = Cost of the cost per day to advertise on Google Ads. When a customer clicks on your ads on google, depend on the ads priced keyword you are charged.

We have explained in detail what cost per click is all about, which will be a much easier understanding for you.

4: How Google Ads pricing work and what is the MAX and MIN Budget?

We will be talking about ads cost in 2020. Is it hard to understand? No, Google has an excellent tutorial on their website to show you exactly how they will determine the optimal costs for your ads. That makes it easier for you, and lets you calculate your own ad budget easily and quickly.

NOTE: Your MAX budget is only for the month you have planned to spend on ad. So when it comes to calculating for month to month, if you had planned to spend $300 but you spent $100, you might have saved money. That’s how you have the MIN budget and MAX budget. That will help you to calculate better for the month that you have planned to spend on ad, so you know exactly what is your MIN budget and MAX budget for the month of your goal.

Now, if you don’t know your exact campaign budget for your ad set, Google helps you, and we say that when you enter your search queries, Google calculates your total cost of advertising to each of the relevant ads for your search, and gives you a MAX budget for that specific campaign.

5: Is Google Ads Works for My Business?

It depends on how you have well you planned your Google PPC Marketing Campaigns, what keywords you are targeting to get customers or visitors on your website and what services and products you are offering at what cost.

if you have better service and products compared to your competitors on google, chances are customers will definitely buy it, without having a question in mind.

We at Boss SEO San Francisco know this problem, because many business owners don’t know how to market their products and services cost effectively, and we have helped them in building a best plan in their advertising budget.

It can also help your local SEO Strategies and grow your local business too.

6: How Much Other Businesses are investing on Google Ads?

According to report by Interactive Advertising Bureau in 2021, there’s a 12.2% growth in digital ad spending during the pandemic, and Google ads spend share was increased to 28.9% for first time in USA Ads Spending alone. that’s around 178.9 Billion dollars in pandemic.

so, you can guess what others are spending on google ads.


Google is an excellent way to promote your business, because it makes all your expenses and efforts more efficient. for every new startups to established brands, and for every small to mid-level businesses, online advertising plays an important role in increasing their revenue and reaching their company goals.